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Tourism Profile
2008-6-24 10:21:00  Tengchong County Tourism Bureau
Located along the border of Southwest China, Tengchong is an amber melted and refined by earth. Endowed with profound Tengyue Culture, harmonious habitation environment, charming natural sights and full-bodied folk flavor, Tengchong, the “Green Tourism Paradise”, is a land loved deeply by the Creator, on which tourists pursue health, enjoy life and conduct business meeting.
Hereby, you may marvel at the rare sights of volcanoes accompanied by hot sea, the grandeur and wonder of Gaoli Gongshan (a national nature reserve in Yunnan), enjoyed by the unique verve of ancient silk road and profound connotation of Qiao Town Culture (the town which produces a large number of overseas Chinese), encouraged by the war-resistance epics, wandering around the splendid emerald shops, tasting the colorful folk culture, intoxicated with the perfect pair of natural sights and humane sights which enhance each other’s beauty……
Tengchong is not only endowed with unique biological environment and rich natural resources but also famous for its title like “No. 1 Border City”, “Ancient Town of Qiao” and “Oriental Normandy”. The well-known Ancient South Silk Road, Hump Course and Stilwell Road went thorough Tengchong, making it a strategic commercial town on “Shushen Dudao” (the earliest road between India and China). The traders from different countries swarmed to set up their trade names one after another including UK Consulate General and Tengyue Customs, which made Tengchong be eminent at that time. “Golden Tengchong, Silver Simao (located in the south of Yunnan and one of the three strategic towns in Yunnan together with Tengchong)”, “Amber Torii Jude-Stone Bridge” is the best portrayal of Tengchong at that time. The rapid development of economics and culture gestated a large number of commercial elites generation by generation such as the leader of overseas Chinese Cun Haiting, Emerald King Zhang Baoting and Cun Zunfu as well as contributing to a group of people with lofty ideals and outstanding overseas Chinese like KMT grand old leader Li Genyuan, philosophy Ai SiQi, forerunner of 1911 Revolution Zhang WenGuang and master of 4 dynasties Yin Rong.
The international biological travelling zone which is suitable for human habitation is looking forward to your presence!
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