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Tourism Profile
2008-6-24 10:23:00  Longling County Tourism Bureau
Located along the border of Southwest China, Longlin County, called Heishuilong in ancient time which means “the village in the forest”, is the strategic position of the famous “South China Silk Road” in the history; The borderline of Longlin extends 19.71 km and a narrow strip of water divides it from Miandian. It is the important part of West Yunnan border tourism; Subordinated by 10 towns, Longlin is a county with 270 thousand populations and owns 23 ethnics, 4 worldwide ethnic minorities and more than 40 thousand overseas Chinese people spreading over 20 countries and areas; Longlin enjoys a convenient transportation with 320 national highways going through it. It is 30 km away from Mangshi airport and 120 km away from Baoshan airport. Bao-Long highway will be available in 2008.
Longlin, the famous war-resistance county, is looking forward to your presence!
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