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Tourism Profile
2008-6-24 10:26:00  Shidian County Tourism Bureau
Shidian County is located along the border of West Yunnan and on the east Shore of Nu River. To the west is Longlin County, separated by the Nu River; to the east is Changning County, separated by Kuke River; to the south is Yongde County in Lincang City, separated by Mengbo River; on the north is Longyang district. The widest distance from east to west is 45 km and from south to north amounts to 79 km. The whole area covers an area of 2009 m2.
Shidian has a long history and well known for its mild climate, profound humane sights and odd natural sights. Within the county, there exist the Wanrengang Yaoguan Skull Fossil Remains which dates back 8 thousand year, provincial key cultural relic protection units Dengzilong Miandian-Resistance Rebellion-Pacification Garrison Remains and War Resistance in West Yunnan Remains; The unique culture of Bulang Ethnic, the rare group in China, can be traced in Shidian, making it “the town of Golden Bulang” in China; the pasture and forest featured scenic areas like Sida Mt. and Daliang Mt. provide excellent conditions for people to develop outdoor activities; the Wild Duck Lake Wetland and the nearby Qingping Cave, Mars Mt. consist of a perfect pair of human and natural sights, making it a best place for holiday; Spring resort ranks No.1 among the tourism resources in Shidian County. The minerals contained in Shipiao and Wo’nv Spring has an obvious effect on some difficult illness such as rheumatism, stomachache and skin disease, which complements the spring in nearby counties by its uniqueness, providing solid resources foundation and guarantee for Baoshan to promote “Green Tourism”.
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